World Meat Free Day

World Meat Free Day
World Meat Free Day

Why take part in World Meat Free Day? Experts say that by 2050 the world’s population is set to increase to over nine billion people, which is 30% higher than today. If we don’t make any changes to our diet by then, the increase in meat production is forecast to reach 200 million tonnes. This is a demand that simply cannot be met.

By going meat free on Monday 12th June,  you can see not only the impact it can have on your health and the environment, but also how delicious and easy it can be, so that you consider going meat free more often in the future.  For example, supporting Meat Free Mondays.

Food’s carbon footprint is the greenhouse gas emissions produced by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking and disposing of the food you eat. Changing the foods that you eat, such as reducing meat consumption, can have a big impact on your carbon footprint.  The CO2 kilos equivalent for producing a kilo of beef is 27 miles; you  need to drive 63 miles to produce the same emissions as eating one kilogram of beef. Whereas

On the World Meat Free Day website, you will find a link to sustainability calculator. It might surprise you how much of an impact going meat free can have on our planet and your health. It’s not just the amount of calories and saturated fat you’ll save, but your carbon footprint too. You can use the sustainability calculator as a guide to work out how much could be saved if you, your family, or even your whole town switched to a meat-free diet.


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