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fluttr is like having a teeny tiny
energy saving expert
in your pocket 24/7.
It’s a bit magic.

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We’re all just guests.

Sit down. Make yourself comfortable, because this is going to shock you. Across the UK, the hospitality sector’s annual energy consumption is 20,000 GWh. That’s the equivalent of running 3.6 coal fired power plants or 1.2 million households for a year. We thought we should do something about that. Are you in? Great.

We believe we are all just guests on this planet, and we need to leave the place in a condition that those who come after us will thank us for. Right now they won’t.

fluttr doesn’t just help to save the environment, it also saves you money. In our testing phase we have seen the positive changes fluttr makes to businesses, and bottom lines.

In just two months our first fluttr testers saved £30,000 and enough energy to power 64 homes for a whole year. The small changes you can make to your business will make a big difference to all of us.

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fluttr helps you save money
AND protect our environment


fluttr helps you understand your energy consumption so you can make meaningful savings.


fluttr gives you tips to help you and your staff reduce energy throughout your business.


fluttr gives you access to all the information, suppliers and financial help you need to manage your energy efficiency projects.

People in the hospitality
industry are loving fluttr.

"I like it. It’s clear and simple. The only thing the app is asking me to do is to input the room nights, which only takes a second and is dead easy. The week on week comparison is nice, and it’s a great way of showing me the electricity cost. I also like the tip of the week. It allows me to record whether I am doing this."

Jonathan Kaye
Owner of Cedar Manor, Cumbria

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