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Hard Water Solution from Geyser Energy

October 14, 2018

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Kate Orszulik

Hard Water (limescale) is a major issue for many hotels across the UK and Europe.  Scale build up costs hotels millions of pounds each year in reduced energy efficiency and reactive maintenance, and is the major cause of boiler and heating system breakdowns.

Scale is one of the largest issues affecting energy efficiency and not only affects the visible elements of a building’s infrastructure but also causes significant problems to the internal components of a heating system.

The impact of scale extends beyond building issues and can pose a risk to human health as it provides a breeding ground for Legionella.

Until recently, the only effective solution was using salt-based water softeners; however they are becoming increasingly expensive to operate and there are serious concerns over their negative environmental impact. This relates to both the amount of water required for regeneration, through to the excessive brine water that contaminates the water ways.

Many countries are now banning or severely limiting the use of salt-based water softeners due to their negative impact on the environment.

Geyser Thermal Energy offers Next™ Scale Stop – a new, highly innovative solution to the market, one with all the benefits of a traditional softener without any of the limitations.

The Next Scale Stop TAC (template assisted crystallisation) filter is the first proven, viable alternative to water softeners.

For clients replacing a salt-based water softener with an NSS system, the return on investment is typically under 2 years.

Next™ Scale Stop is globally approved by both Marriott Hotels and McDonalds Restaurants, and Geyser Thermal Energy are currently installing the system into numerous hotel and NHS sites.

Geyser Energy are delighted to offer an initial, free of charge consultation to discuss specific requirements and assess the reduced operating costs you will be able to achieve.

For further information please contact Lolli Olafsson or call +44 (0) 01707 830 600.